About Opal 22 Arts & Edutainment

Opal22 Arts and Edutainment has been set up as a Heritage and Arts organization aiming to present thought-provoking outcomes that join history, arts, heritage, and culture to the community at large. This has originated in response to the need of the community, notably the BAME communities to become more engaged in these fields. Opal22 aims to appropriate our projects as a means to create more community cohesion and reduce social isolation in the community. The company aims to bridge the gap between what is being delivered within the museums and heritage organisations and developing a format that can represent the needs of the wider public. 

Opal22 A&E is a specialist arts organisation that has worked extensively in Leicestershire and surrounding Counties, with many different organisations, but specifically works with BAME communities. Tara Munroe the organisations MD, is a qualified historical researcher and museum curator whom has been working within a number of museums and community organisations across the Midlands area over a number of years. Qualifications included, BA Honors in Design Management and Innovation and a Masters in Museums and Heritage Management Studies. Her reputation in the heritage field has been growing substantially over the past few years. The developing and delivering of her Arts, Heritage and Cultural projects for the local community have been nationally acclaimed and are being used as templates across the country. Tara brings a modern innovative twist to the heritage area and makes it fun for those she targets.