The Knowledge of the Unseen’s second museum store visit was in Northampton museum stores. From our visit to the Leicester museum stores, this time round, we were lost in the vast amount of history there was in just one room.

Getting to see items that look familiar, such as baskets, to statues and a selection of shoes, which is what Northampton museum is known for.

As there was quite a lot of objects to look through, and knowing we had to be selective with what five artefacts the group wanted to choose. Voting and discussing what intrigues us in relation to the objects, then deciding within the group again what out of the many where going to be in our top five.

Really studying the artefacts in detail and in awe, discussing what we had already picked from the Leicester museum store and from we were seeing at Northampton would enhance the projects research in variation. The objects the group chose…

Even after all the discussions with the group we could not get it down to just five objects, so by the end of the session at the museum we had walked away with seven objects that we were going to research.

We thank Northampton Museum for allowing us to come along and have a look at the many different artefacts that you have of African and Caribbean heritage. This has not only given the group the best step forward to research the objects that we have chosen but also a great start to some interesting discussions amongst the group.

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