Derby Museum Stores

The projects third and last museum store visit was at Derby Museum. With the group knowing that this was the last museum visit, there was a sense of slight pressure to see what artefacts we were going to see and from that selection, what objects were we going to choose to complete our set of fifteen artefacts to research.

However with all of that, the group was super eager to get started and to learn what information the museum had about the pieces. As part of Derby Museums ‘ Objects of Love, Hope and Fear: A World Collection.’ Being shown objects that would be apart of their exhibition, not only where we shown these objects from their exhibition but also shown some of their artefacts that they had in their museum stores. Some of which were very interesting, but none that the group thought to investigate into further.

What we had noticed was that throughout this whole process, the group had got into the swing of just getting on with asking questions about each item, where they would then take that into consideration with each other. By having an honest conversation with each other about how we all felt about the piece and why we should consider it within our selection of artefacts to research.

Due to some of the objects not having much information about them apart from the basic information needed, such as; the name of the object, where it comes from and possibly what year it came into the museum? All this information was a good starting point to where we wanted to research further, finding each of the story behind each item we have chosen over the last three museum visits.

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