The Knowledge of the Unseen’s first museum store visit was in Leicester.

As this was the first museum visit, there was a sense of eagerness and curiosity as to how the day would go, what type of artefacts we would be looking at, but most importantly how was the group going decide on what objects we wanted to discover further, as we were only allowed to choose five.

When we first arrived, we were told all the procedures that we needed to follow when looking and handling the artefacts that we were looking at, as some of the artefacts were quite fragile extra care was needed when looking at them.

The measures of controls, to stop any damages to the objects were to wear gloves when handling all artefacts on the table, to write in pencil and not pen and only taking photographs of the artefacts that we were looking at.

Once we were all in the room, the artefacts were all displayed neatly on the table, we were all circling around the table in amazement, really taking In all the items that were on the table.

When we were all settled, the group was given a run through of each artefact and its history ( or what information on the object that they had), being given the chance to hold, touch or just look at the object- doing this really allowed us to get a good idea of what type of objects we were going to look further into exploring.

After hearing all the different information that accompanied the artefacts, we then had to make a decision on which objects we wanted to research further. as a group deciding by voting who wanted to do what. I felt that the group dealt with this quite well considering this was the fist time that the group was working together, so it was great to see decisions being easily.

Our five artefacts from Leicester museum store…

We would like to thank the Leicester museum stores for allowing us to look at some of the African and Caribbean artefacts that you have at the stores, also for sharing what information you had on the objects that would help us with our research.

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